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ORION Power Distributor

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The VYDA PD_01 network distributor was created to shield the network voltage from any electromagnetic EMI and RF emissions.
Milled out of a huge block of very thick aluminum, it is the ideal shield to protect the power supplies of the connected equipment.
The extensive search for perfection reverberates in the cryogenic treatment of all the parts where the mains voltage transits, building virtually resistance-free paths.
The electrical connector to your power outlet is a Mil type connector, made of copper, with a high thickness silver plating.
This guarantees the management of currents up to 70 Amps at 20 ° C and working voltages of 900 V.
The internal wiring uses VYDA Orion Power Cord, copper and silver, cryogenically treated at -196 ° C after annealing at + 800 ° C to obtain a perfect crystalline structure.
The distributor sockets are made to specifications.
Available in Schuko plug and Us plug version.

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