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Mythology transform X-frame

Innovative vibration control through VHC System.
VHC (Vertical Horizon Vibration Control Technology) represents the technology that handles vibration in every direction.
This vibration control system with VHC technology does not break the balance in all bandwidth and comes up with information quantity of music source as much as possible.
The most important factor in operating audio equipment is electric power supply and vibration control.
There’re three representative types in the audio equipment vibration: floor vibration, vibration through air and micro-vibration from the inside of device.
HIFISTAY Mythology Transform integrates special technology with Audio Rack to control such three types of vibration.

X-Frame & Perfect Pointer:
It can be applied to any audio device.
With freely movable cantilever system, you can apply it to any device regardless of size.
The Perfect Pointer’s ceramic ball bearing system makes you feel like cloud (floating in the air) and effectively prevents from external vibration.
Adjustable Aspect Ratio Frame:
X-Frame structure connects to spike and shoes (VHC SYSTEM) at the bottom through each pole.
You can adjust horizontal and vertical angles of X-Frame depending on installation environment and device.
Size: 550x500 The high quality board finished with Piano Lacquer will be available as an option.

This shoes for audio rack combines the strength of existing models, Ballerino shoe series and Dharma resonator.
Anti-gravity is upgraded version of existing Ballerino series and made in double swing structure.
It controls and prevents the vibration through spherical pendulum movement of action and reaction (Newton’s 2nd law of motion).
It’s designed to dissipate residual vibration through 5,600 stainless ball bearings inside.

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CD Transport & DAC
Network device
Any adudio devices

1 Level
Height: 185 mm
Weight: 20,4 kg
Height: 531 mm
Weight: 47,2 kg
3 Levels
Height: 825 mm
Weight: 74 kg

Adjustable - Min & Max – W: 620 – 762 mm; L: 488 – 663 mm

30 – 500 kg of component weight

External structure: Silver
Internal X-frame: Black

Board: Black board (Piano lacquer finished) 550x500 mm
Audio rack shoes: Anti-Gravity

Anti - Vibration technology audio rack

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