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Lunar K9

Just as in the case of monitor loudspeakers, the loss of the optimal sounding is also a factor in case of speakers. It can significantly influence the authentic sounding. The vibrations – that are made by the voice broadcastors – are led to the loudspeaker cabinet which transfer it to the direction of the floor. Thus the low-frequency vibrations can cause critically negative acoustic effect and they need to be treated seriously.

The CERA-LUNAR isolational loudspeaker foot – which is located under the loudspeaker – has increased stability. Its rigid framework can effectively educt the speaker cabinet from the leaning surface.

The CERA-LUNAR loudspeaker foot intermits the direct mechanical connection between the floor and the speaker cabinet by using ceramic balls. Reduce and prevent the overflow of the harmful vibrations.

Using the foot for the speaker can lead to more defined bass, more precisely resoluted middle-frequencies and more contentrated soundtrack. It can even make the theatre-effect deeper and wider.

The wide vibration damper foot is highly rigid. In the interest of the optimal sounding the rack is able to be free positined to the right direction.

The Pillartech Audio loudspeaker foot and the ISOPOINT S-8 vibration damper can be used synergistically as a supplementary isolational tool for standing speakers. While using them it is expected for the sounding to get better in the electroacoustical system.

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Framework (w x h x d) : 63,5 x 50 x 4 cm
Pillar module : 5 cm ( basic model)
Module connection element : M10 inox
Fixing amp screw : perunal
ISOPOINT S-8 : perunal
Floor protecting disc : perunal
Precisional ceramic balls : 10 mm
Surface treatment : black, white, bordeaux red or RAL colour scale
Metal surface treatment: thread grinded silkshine
Height : 12 cm Modulalry expandable!
Sustainability : 100 kg

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