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KYROS interconnect represents the most affordable way of enjoying the exceptional performance Stage III cables have to offer.

Highly regarded “expanded cross-section” pure solid silver Aerostrand conductor technology is borrowed from A.S.P. Reference line, making the KYROS compatible even with the most demanding systems.

Unique “ASPIS” external shield paired with highly effective damping/shielding layer, provide a palpable clarity and superb precision most would think impossible from cables in this price range.

Performance is further enhanced on the KYROS interconnects with Stage III’s exclusive HYPERION Advanced Audio RCA or XLR connectors with silver contacts.

Zero compromise, extreme high-end at a very “entry-level” price.

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Product Specifications:

KYROS interconnects employ 4 cryogenically treated, expanded cross-section, continuous-cast pure silver AeroStrand™ ribbon conductors.

Noise-rejecting, quad-helix conductor configuration. Minimized wall, high purity PFA Teflon air-tubes. Polymerized Nylon outer damping tube. Exclusive “ASPIS” outer shield (plated copper/carbonized nylon).

Available single ended or balanced with custom handmade Cryo-treated, proprietary HYPERION silver RCA or XLR connectors with ceramic-infused polymer insulators, (custom made by Stage III Concepts).

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