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KX-R Twenty

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Since the introduction of the KX-R preamplifier in 2008, Ayre has embarked on many projects involving new technologies. As they progressed on this musical journey, their collective knowledge base grew immensely in all areas of audio circuit design. This new knowledge has been implemented at the highest level in their complete redesign of the KX-R Twenty. These technologies and upgrades to the KX-R have resulted in a preamplifier which is as revolutionary now as the KX-R was when it was originally introduced with the world’s first Variable Gain Transconductance (VGT) volume control. v

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Input Impedance:
2 Mohm balanced (1 Mohm per phase)
Output Impedance:
300 ohm balanced (150 ohm per phase)
Frequency Response:
DC – 250 kHz
Power Consumption:
35 watts in standby or normal operation
65 watts with remote control active

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