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Hydra Vox

The VOX is a unique D/A converter with a headphone amplifier and external power supply. Its entire architecture is built from the scratch using Audiobyte proprietary technologies. Every feature was developed through extensive research to provide a natural audio experience.

A unique feature of the Hydra.VOX is the seamless integration between analog and digital filters in orders to preserve accurate phase of the audio signal. It is well-known that any analog low-pass filter will add a phase distortion input-to-output altering sound quality.

To avoid this from happening, the digital filters inside FPGA are programmed to exhibit a “mirrored” phase response, thus cancelling the phase error from the analog domain. The result is a perfect phase response over the audio band.

The VOX is entirely powered from the Hydra.ZAP dedicated power supply, which provides analog power for the headphone amplifier, digital voltage and an ultra-low noise reference voltage.

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I2S LVDS (HDMI connector): all sample rates
S/PDIF coaxial: up to 192k / DSD64
USB: all sample rates

RCA single ended: 3.8V (peak)
XLR balanced: 3.8V (peak)
Headphone out: 9V (peak)
THD+N: -118 dB (0 dB)
S/N: -118 dB

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