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Entirely conceived, engineered and manufactured in Great Britain, Huei has been carefully designed to provide turntables with the same high standards of amplification that Chord Electronics has become known for over the past 30 years.

Benefitting from both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil functionality, Huei offers compatibility with a huge range of cartridges thanks to comprehensive gain and impedance-matching options; Huei’s high- and low-gain switching settings are easily accessible via front-panel controls, introducing welcome flexibility.

Supported cartridges:
Moving magnet and moving coil
1x Stereo unbalanced RCA input
1x Stereo unbalanced RCA output
1x Stereo balanced XLR output

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Input Impedance:
Moving magnet: 47,000Ω
Moving coil: 100Ω – 3,700Ω, 12-step user selectable
Gain Range:
Moving magnet: 21dB – 42dB, 8-step user selectable
Moving coil: 49dB – 68dB, 8-step user selectable
Input Noise:
Max Output Voltage RMS:
20v RMS
Equalisation Response:
RIAA Curve
Equalisation Accuracy:
+/- 0.1dB
Frequency Response:
RIAA Curve = 12Hz to 25kHz
Rumble Filter:
Rausch Slope -24dB per octave below 50Hz
Output Impedance:
520Ω (resistive)
Input Power Supply:
12v – 100v to 240v 50/60Hz PSU
4.5cm (H) 16cm (W) 8.8cm (D)

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 0.657 kg
Größe 88 × 160 × 45 mm

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