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Grounding Noise Reducer V5.1

The Telos Audio Design Grounding Noise Reducer V5.1 (Telos GNR V5.1 for short) is one of several GNR products that are the result of long-term research by Telos Audio Design founder Jeff Lin. The V5.1 upgrade is a replacement for the standard V3.1 design, with all the individual parts being removed from the device by hand and inspected by two highly specialized engineers during its manufacture. This makes the Telos GNR V5.1 earthing device the perfect addition to any high-end assembly, especially for the purpose of preventing electrocution hazards, lightning protection, noise shielding and much more. As a result, you have a device that not only protects you and your devices, but by eliminating background noise, it adds higher quality sound and greatly improves the listening experience.

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Grounding connectors:6 x WBT nextgen™ WBT-0703 Cu pole terminal
Power input:100-120V or 200-240V

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Größe 39 × 24 × 6 mm
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