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Grounding Noise Reducer mini V5.1

Grounding facility has always been there for the sole purpose of safety. For example, shock hazard prevention, lightning protection, noise shielding and other functions. In an audio setup, the effectiveness of the grounding facility has an immediate impact on the background noise.

GNR is with 6 sets of zero potential output.
- Each output is equipped with hand-made low-pass inductors
- Communication level high-pass inductance
- By the precise circuit calculation, set the capacitance and resistance
- The use of inductance, impedance and capacitive resistance, to avoid the equipment and equipment between the ground pollution

Active Grounding Box comes with Ground cables of the same materials.

Thus each equipment is having the same grounding impedance characteristics, this greatly reduces the likelihood of coloration. By having an isolated Ground for your audio setup, the effect is as good as having a dedicated power line. Through the GNR generated Ground potential serving only your audio setup, noise will be totally isolated.

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Grounding connectors:6 x WBT nextgen™ WBT-0703 Cu pole terminal
Power input:100-120V or 200-240V

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Größe 180 × 167 × 37 mm
Dĺžka kábla