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DAC 1000

The DAC1000 and DAC1000SE are no oversampling digital to analog converters. They have 6 inputs, Coax,BNC,AES and Optical capable of PCM 24/192 and USB and I2S through HDMI connector capable of PCM 24/384. The USB can accept also DSD music files from a computer or server up to DSD256 and convert them natively without converting to PCM.

The PCM converter is made in house with discrete fast logic and resistors that comprise the R2R network. In the DAC1000 high tolerance low drift Vishay metal film resistors are used and in the SE version custom made naked foil types are used.

The Sonic performance of this architecture surpasses that of any R2R DAC chip. There are no digital filters or complex processing used before feeding the signal to the R2R converter. The output noise from such a converter is fairly low and some additional gentle filtering is done in the analog section of the DAC1000.

For DSD native conversion a combination of a dedicated transformer and inductors is chosen with an AKM chip mapped so that only it’s output stage is used. DSD playback is only possible through the USB input. When a DSD signal is present the DAC1000 automatically senses the signal directing it to DSD converter.

The USB input is isolated with internal high quality power supplies. Re-clocking is done with ultra low phase noise local clocks.

The I2S input offers the purest signal path and no processing , achieving highest performance when a source with a compatible format is used. The HDMI connector with LVDS signal transmission effectively transmits the digital audio signal with no added jitter. It’s also isolated to avoid ground loops and the digital signal is re-aligned with the incoming master clock.

The analog section is made with a single ended, triode operated, Siemens tube ( one per channel). Coupling between the converters and the tube is done with an in-house made ‘wire capacitor’ keeping this way the signal path as pure as possible.

The tube is transformer coupled to the output offering very low output impedance (30 ohm).

The power supply uses a rectifier tube and power supply inductor for a quiet and low noise high voltage to the tubes.
All functions are displayed in an LCD display and controlled also with a remote control.

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Digital inputs: SPDIF, BNC, AES, Opt., USB, I2S
Analog outputs:
– RCA unbalanced
– XLR unbalanced(pin1,3grounded)
Resolution: 24 bit(R2R discrete) 384khz, max. sampling rate
Nominal output: 2,8V rms
Power consumption: Typically 40 W

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Ypsilon Electronics

Ypsilon Electronics

Ypsilon Electronics ist ein griechisches Unternehmen, das 1995 von Demetris Baklavas und Fanis Lagadinos gegründet wurde, zwei leidenschaftlichen Toningenieuren mit Erfahrung in der elektronischen Technik und einer Karriere im Aufbau von Audiosystemen für Live-Konzerte. Die Arbeit mit Live-Musik, Live-Konzerten und vor allem ein technischer Hintergrund in der Elektronik brachte die beiden Herren auf die Idee, Audiokomponenten zu entwickeln, die Musik originalgetreu wiedergeben können.