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Attessa Turntable

The Attessa turntable is newest spin on one of the oldest Hi-Fi technologies. The Unipivot tonearm is lighter and simpler to use, thanks to a composite construction and glass jewel pivot. With turntable speed controlled down to the microsecond by smart new technology, playback is true to the original. Switchable phono stage lets you switch between active and passive, while the isolated plinth design and decoupled feet protect against unwanted vibrations. All in a compact footprint that fits seamlessly with the rest of the Attessa range.

Key Features

– Designed, developed and assembled in the UK.
– Brand new easy to set up Unipivot tonearm featuring a composite construction and glass jewel pivot for low effective weight.
– Dana cartridge fitted as standard.
– Digitally controlled electronic speed control.
– Class leading factory calibrated speed accuracy with a microprocessor-controlled amplifier driving the turntable motor.
– Built in Moving Magnet switchable phono stage (active/passive) designed in-house.
– Premium build quality featuring an isolated single plinth design with a high mass platter constructed from weighted glass and bonded aluminium edge dampener.
– Xerxes inspired isolation feet and chassis design to ensure stable playback.
– Compact footprint.
– Bespoke removable lid to keep dust away when not in use.

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Main Bearing Spindle:
Grade 303 Stainless Steel

Main Bearing Ball:

Main Bearing Housing:

High Mass 10mm Glass Platter with Anodised Aluminium edge

Isolated Single plinth Design

1-level decoupling

Vibration Isolated
24 Pole Synchronous

Solid Aluminium

Speed Controller:
Built in High precision digitally Synthesised AC signal generator with high current low distortion output

33 RPM & 45 RPM (Switchable)
Phono Stage:
Built in MM phono stage

Phono Stage Bypass:
Yes, with switch for external phono stage.

Phono Stage Gain (active):
42dB @ 1kHz

Phono Stage Signal to Noise (active):

Phono Stage Impedance (active):
47k / 100pF

Stereo RCA with provided low capacitance phono cable

5V 1.5A external SMPS

Tonearm Bearing:

Arm Material:
5052 Aluminium top with ABS bottom section

Effective Length:
240 mm

Effective Mass:
14.9 g

Recommended Tracking Force:
1.8 – 2.2 g

Internal Wiring:
0.08OFC copper wire

Zusätzliche Informationen

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Im Jahr 1985 wurde Roksan von zwei Absolventen der University of London, Imperial Collage London und Queen Mary Collage, Tufan Hashemi und Touraj Moghaddam, gegründet. Aufgrund der persischen Herkunft der beiden genannten Gründer leitet sich der Name Roksan von dem weiblichen Namen Roxana ab, der Tochter des Königs Darius von Persien. Vor diesem Hintergrund ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass ein Großteil der Namen der verschiedenen Produkte von Roksan auf die Namen von Städten, Orten und berühmten Persönlichkeiten Persiens verweist. Die Produkte von Roksan zeichnen sich durch elegantes Design und – in Bezug auf das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis – erstaunliche technische Eigenschaften aus, die sowohl von Einsteigern als auch von fortgeschrittenen Audiophilen geschätzt werden.

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