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Ascent I.

The need for isolation of the audiophil sound system’s most sensitive devices is indisputable. The Pillartech Audio device rack is especially made for divide the sensitive audio components such as CD players, turntables from vibration-sensitive surfaces.

The elements of the audio chain are also have self-made vibrations and this energy flowing can induce other vibrations. The resonances can cause unwanted frequency-answers and phase distortions. They can impair the tonality and discolour the sound picture.

With using together the perunal precision ball holders and the ceramic balls – that are surrounded by curbings – the unwanted vibrations are turned off in high percentage. The result is to minimize the two element’s meeting points thus increasing the betterment of the efficient adsorption.

The ISOPOINT S-8 and ISOPOINT S-6 vibration dampers are innovative precision supplementaries which has the Pillartech Audio patented formation.

The result of the consecutive developments is a multilayered isolational system which handle and reduce the unwanted vibrations with high efficiency. At the same time influencing positively the working of devices in the audio system.

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Shelf (w x h x d) : 52 x 45 x 4 cm
ISOPOINT S-8 : perunal
Ceramic ball: 9 pcs
Precisional ceramic ball diameter: 10 mm
Surface treatment: black, white, boreaux red or RAL colour scale
Metal surface treatment: thread grinded silkshine
Height: 8 cm
Load capacity: 150 kg

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