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216 Power Amplifier

The 216 stereo power amplifier seamlessly joins the legendary family of Burmester power amplifiers that have won many international awards. It combines powerful performance with great dynamics and excellent timing and shines sonically with an impressive spatial stage and musical warmth. The 216 helps even speakers with the lowest impedance values and complex loads achieve a spacious sound image with superior dynamics.


– completely symmetrical design
– optimized protection circuits outside the signal path
– mono bridgeable via external mono bridges
– input stages in Burmester X-Amp technology (Class A)
– completely DC-coupled signal path without sound-distorting capacitors in the signal path
– Generously dimensioned power supply allows high current delivery Effortless control of each loudspeaker due to high damping factor over the entire frequency range, even at high frequencies
– Stable at all loads over the entire frequency range
– Solid screw terminals for the speaker cables
– Remote on/off via Burmester devices (Remote switch-on voltage: 10V DC)
– Integration into Smart Home control possible

23,800.00 s DPH

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Device type: Dual-channel power amplifier
Voltage ranges: (Model 216-240): 230 – 240 V~, 50/60 Hz
Voltage ranges (Model 216-120): 110 – 120 V~, 50/60 Hz
Voltage ranges (Model 216-100): 100 V~, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption STBY (230 V): 0,46 W
Output power stereo (IEC 62368-1) at 2 Ω: 245 W
Output power stereo (IEC 62368-1) at 4 Ω: 165 W
Output power stereo (IEC 62368-1) at 8 Ω: 100 W

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Gewicht35 kg
Größe479 × 496 × 191 mm