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159 Mono Power amplifier

The 159 Mono Power Amplifier’s design is inspired by Burmester renowned portfolio. However, seven years of developing its performance and measurement also resulted in its functional innovation to be reflected in the appearance.

Following their proprietary DNA, Burmester introduces the series production model of a superlative mono power amplifier. Visually taking its cue from the renowned amplifiers in the portfolio, the design of the 159 Mono Power Amplifier has been adapted to contemporary design ideas; its appearance demonstrating the progression of innovation that has taken place on the inside of the amplifier. After 7 years of development, power and control have reached previously unattainable levels of performance and measurement. The 159 benefits both from the wealth of experience evidenced by Burmester’s track record in power amplifier development and from the latest discoveries in analogue amplifier technology.

284,900.00 s DPH

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Technology: Mono-power amp/full bridge, class A/B
Rated power: 1,200 W (4Ω) to IEC 62368
Pulse power: 6,600 W (4Ω) to CEA
Continuous current/ peak current: 17 A / 72 A
Damping factor (4Ω): 102 – 3,895 in 23 steps
Signal to noise ratio: > 120 dB
Input sensitivity: 750 mV
Power bandwidth (-3 dB): 410 kHz (-3dB)
Slew-Rate: 160V/Ωs
Harmonic distortion at 1 kHz (50 W/ 4Ω / 22 kHz): 0.00039%

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Gewicht180 kg
Größe660 × 523 × 415 mm