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Welcome to DreamAudio

We invite you into a world of breathtaking audio experiences, where we are passionate about creating the perfect sound without compromise.


Handmade, resulting in an uncompromising sound from our northern neighbours from Poland.

Carbide Audio

Give your components the convenience that goes towards increased sound clarity.

Revival Audio ATALANTE 4

Hot news from French brand Revival Audio. ATALANTE 4 inherits the legacy of the ATALANTE series premium speaker predecessors while pushing the boundaries with new innovations.

Cambridge Audio CXN 100

The highly anticipated follow up to the multi award-winning CXN V2 is here.

Siltech Ruby Crown Series

Siltech celebrates the 40th anniversary of the production of its first cable. The Ruby Crown series brings you closer to the premium Royal Crown series than ever before.

Stage 3 Concepts

One of the world's most innovative companies in audio cable design.


Elac stock sale - discounts up to 30% on selected products! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


We have prepared for you a selection of the best products and brands from our wide range.
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Cambridge Audio CXN100

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1,049.00  VAT included

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DS Audio D-003 Equalizer

D-003 Equalizer


3,500.00  VAT included

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3,890.00  VAT included

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Ultrasone Signature Natural Headphones

Signature FUSION


399.00  VAT included

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Amber Amp / DAC


8,400.00  VAT included

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Grounding Noise Reducer V5.1


9,600.00  VAT included

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DreamAudio brings the best of the high-end audio world.

Our priority is quality sound and meeting the client's requirements. We focus on complex sound system solutions. We work with reference-class components that meet even the most stringent requirements for high-quality sound reproduction. For us, perfect sound is a passion and a goal without compromise.

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Stage III Concepts CKAHRON

Stage III Concepts A.S.P. CKAHRON

Stage III Concepts CKAHRON

Ckahron from Stage III Concepts


ELAC Adante SUB3070


Harbeth Super HL5 Plus XD